For every stage of family life.

From finding a life-partner to enjoying the grand-children.

Youngsters now a days are having mixed feelings about marriage and family life. The number of troubled marriages and divorces are making them wary and cynical about marriage. But it does not have to be so. Right approach to marriage and family certainly yields good results.

With good foundation and good maintenance, buildings stand strong without walls developing cracks and roofs collapsing. With good soil preparation, good nutrients and good foliage and pest maintenance, trees grow healthy and give flower, fruit, shade and wood. Marriages are same. When a good foundation is laid and when a few things are taken care along the way, marriage and family life will shine bright without any doubt. Grishatha offers a set of 20+ carefully designed services, to help your marriage and family shine bright from day you think of marriage to the days you enjoy your grandchildren.