Pre-Marriage Workshop

Marriage is the most significant decision made with the least amount of experience. A decision that should be made neither with hope nor with fear, neither with over-confidence nor with confusion, neither with enthusiasm nor with reluctance, neither with trust nor with doubt; but by being honest about yourself - to yourself and to your future partner. In this workshop you will learn about the critical questions you should ask yourself and your future partner before making the big commitment. In this workshop you will learn how to approach marriage and your partner from a position of clarity and strength rather than from a position of hope or apprehension. In this workshop we will probe into questions that you do not know how to frame or whom to ask.



Workshop for newly-weds

Marriage is a life of shared experiences. It brings two people together into the closest quarters possible, not only physically but also emotionally. Marriage is the most exciting experience or the most challenging experience, depending on how well you are prepared. This workshop gives insights into seven areas in which a married couple needs to prepare themselves for enjoying a great marriage. In a matter of eight hours, in this workshop, you will learn what otherwise may take more than eight years.



Workshop for parents

And the victims of that over-confidence are none other than their own children, whom they love dearly. While one takes training even to raise dogs and plants, one takes it for granted that they have all the skills needed to raise children. Only while raising the second child, do parents realize the mistakes they did in raising the first child. It is not enough you send your children to school. You should also take classes to get insights into all that is involved in parenting. How much you prepared yourself as a parent should be the measure of how much you love your children, not how many costly items you bought or how expensive schools you sent them to. Simple mistakes can have great consequences, and simple changes can make a great difference in your parenting. In this workshop you learn 20 different simple things that you can do as a parent to make your parenting orders of magnitude excellent.