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What is Marriage?

Marriage, essentially, is two people coming together and leading the life together.

When everything goes well, the married life will be on the bright side. Couples enjoy and cherish each other's company. They care for each other and support each other in pursuing Dharma (responsibilities, duties and obligations), Artha (dreams, ambitions and goals) and Kaama (pleasures and fancies). They raise children well and set an example for them. They become a source of joy and support for everyone around them including parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts, cousins and family friends. Everyone would take them for an example.

When things do not go well, the married life slides into the dark side. Wife and husband work against each other instead of working together. They will be a source of gloom, trouble, pain, stress, bitterness and resentment to each other, and to their children and to everyone around them as well. Their health, personal goals and ambitions could also suffer as a consequence.

What does it take for marriages to stay on the bright side, and not stray into the dark side? What does it take for them to get back to the bright side if they happen to stray into the dark side?

Grihastha's mission is to provide comprehensive guidance in this regard.

Grihastha's Guidance

Grihastha provides comprehensive guidance, drawn both from traditional wisdom and from modern psychology. Our guidance covers every aspect of marriage, from the conjugal to emotional to financial to legal to even spiritual.

Our guidance covers every phase of married life, starting from whether to get married or not, to whom and when to get married, to what are the right things to do in the early years of marriage, to raise children well providing the right emotional nutrition for them, to see them get married, and to play the role of grandparents in the later lives.

Married life is not an island to itself. It happens in the midst of a family ecosystem. Others are part of your family ecosystem and you are a part of others' ecosystem. Everyone plays multiple roles, besides being a wife or husband, as a brother or a sister, as a brother-in-law or a sister-in-law, as a father or a mother, as a father-in-law or a mother-in-law, and so on. The better everyone plays their role, the more the marriages will stay on the bright side. Grihastha provides guidance on how to play each one of the roles, not just how to play the role of a wife or husband.

The art of shooting love arrows

Married life is about shooting love arrows at all your loved ones, and romantic arrows at your spouse. The better you are at it, the better your married life will be.

To become better at anything, one would usually do these three things. 1) read books and watch videos to know more about it, 2) join some school and take classes to learn from a teacher and co-students and 3) get a personal coach, who can guide you giving all the customized micro-instruction that you need. This is exactly what an archer who aims for Olympics does.

Grihastha provides the following three services that correspond with these three steps:

  1. On-line Advice available for free on this website, which you can read at your own convenience.
  2. Interactive Workshops conducted by 'Marriage Gurus' online and in various places from time to time, where you can learn from the Guru as well as from the other participants.
  3. Personal Guidance provided by 'Family Coaches', who will answer your questions, big and small and provide guidance that is personalized for your situation.

Please read below more about each one of these three services.

On-line Advice

We provide a great deal of information on this website itself about married life, which is written with a lot of thought and careful consideration. It is meant to provide a good deal of clarity, inspiration and direction regarding many aspects of marriage, from how to choose a right life partner to how to raise children to how to manage finances, and so on.

The information is presented in the form of a series of articles. Please read and ponder over the content of each one of the articles. Please consider following the advice given in the articles and let us know how it worked for you. Consider each article as a vitamin capsule. It helps you become better, stronger, energized and empowered.

Please start with the first article 'marriage models', which discusses the most commonly seen marriage models. Your marriage will always stay on the bright side, if you and your life partner choose the right marriage model that works for you, and is supported by the loved ones on both the sides of the family.

Further, you can submit any question seeking advice, on matters that are not covered in the articles. Sometimes, we may answer a question and turn into an article. And sometimes we consolidate multiple questions and answer them in one article.

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Interactive Workshops
by Marriage Gurus

The interactive workshops take your understanding of married life and your skill of keeping it on the bright side to a new level.

These workshops cover various topics of married life such as

  • Understanding and Pleasing the Opposite Sex
  • Parenting in Modern Times
  • Managing Relationships with Extended Family Members
  • Financial Planning for Stable Married Life
  • Laws of the Land that Govern Your Marriage
  • Understanding Human Diversity and Using it in Working with the Spouse and Raising Children
  • Using Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies to Enrich Family Life

* * *

These workshops are open to people of all ages and people in all phases of marriage, from the yet to be married to the newly married to the ones married for a decade or two. It gives an opportunity for you to interact not only with the Marriage Guru, but also with other participants, who enrich the discussion with a variety of questions and diverse perspectives. In other words, you not only learn from the Guru, but also from the other participants of different ages and experiences.

These workshops can also become a 'meet the future life partner' opportunity for you. You may find someone whom you might get attracted to from among the participants. And, some other participant may propose an alliance between you and their brother or sister or son or daughter or a relative.

These workshops are offered on-line, in-person and in retreat formats from time to time by various Marriage Gurus.

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Personal Guidance
by Family Coaches

As a family man or woman, you should strive to reach olypic levels in performing every role, be it as a husband or as a wife, or as a father or as a mother, as as a son or as a daughter-in-law, etc. A personal coach is essential for anyone who want to strive for Olypic level performance.

A family coach can give you personal guidance, in every phase and every aspect of your married life. He or she ensures you married life stays on the bright side all the times and never slide into the dark side, even in tough times.

You can learn a lot from our On-line Advice and through our Interactive Workshops. But that is not enough sometimes. When you are involved in a tough situation, your mind becomes cloudy. This happened to even Arjuna. In times like those, you need a Krishna. That is role a family coach plays.

There will be times in married life, when no one understands you, including your spouse, parents and children. You need someone with whom you can open up yourself completely. You need someone to discuss your fears, fancies, questions and doubts in full confidence. That is the role a family coach plays for you.

A family coach, truly to the title, would help not just you, but every member of the family. He or she would develop rapport, gain trust and pay attention to the sensitivities and sensibilities of every family member. He or she would help all the family members work together for a bright family life.

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