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It is worthwhile for you to learn about who family coaches are, and how they work before you request one.

First of all, family coaches are a rare breed. They cannot be minted at will in a training institute. They are produts of nature, society and culture. Our mission at Grihastha is to identify them and pass on your request to them.

One has to have four qualities to be an effective family coach: kind heart, smart brain, sweet tongue and wide experience.

  • One needs to be kind heart and the willingness to help. One should be able to empathize with families that happened to stray to the dark side. One need to believe that one can make a difference in other people's lives, in a direct manner.
  • One has to be smart to understand various aspects of married and family life. One needs to be able to address the concerns, answer the questions, and provide guidance appropriate for the situation and the personalities of the various family members.
  • One needs to have the effective tongue, i.e., the ability to make a conversation in an effective tone and gentle manner. One need to posture oneself as a loving uncle or aunt, rather than as a professional.
  • And finally, one needs to have wide experience, of leading a married life for over two decades, facing challenges of different kinds, and of observing the dynamics and lives of other families from various social, cultural and economic backgrounds..

Family coaches operate in two modes, 'active' and 'passive'. A coach would work 'actively' with families who are just starting or who are going through hard times. A coach would work 'passively' with families that are functioning smoothly and needing only occasional help, on a non-urgent basis.

A coach cannot be effective if he/she attempt to coach a large number of families at one time. Our guideline is that no coach should ever coach more than a total of TEN families at any given time. Further, our guideline is that no coach should ever coach more than three families in the 'active' mode. Our emphasis is on quality and not on quantity.

* * *

Given all of this, we may not be able to find a coach for you immediately. Please fill the form below, and a coach, when available, will contact you. You are advised to apply for a family coach today, rather than wait for the day when you absolutely need one. Family coaches help you in many ways - not only when things go wrong, but to make things better and better for you and your family membersat any time. A simple tip or guidance from them can bring many smiles on many occassions in your family life.

* * *

How much would a coach charge for coaching your family? The answer is, it depends on the coach. We don't set any guidance to the coaches regarding the financial aspect. Some may charge a lot, and some may do it for free. And some may just accept whatever you give out of gratitude. Some may choose to serve the richer spectrum of the families, and some may choose to serve the poorer spectrum of the families.

But, generally speaking, we expect the majority of coaches do it for free for personal gratification rather than with commercial interest. We encourage coaches to use the coaching experience to enrich their own lives, not their pockets. We encourage them to use the coaching opportunities to develop social networks and to build social reputation. Providence will shower blessings on one's family if one helps other families.

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