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Are you self-centered?
Self-centered people are always there. But their percentage is increasing in recent times. And it is impacting the happiness in marriages and is also behind the increased divorce rates. The reason for the self-centered nature can be traced to today's education system.

The current education system asks the children, throughout their entire formative years, to be self-centered, focusing on their own studies, examinations, progress, and scores, all the time. It does not concern itself at all about two vital skills that everyone needs to lead a happy life in general and happy married life in particular. Those two skills are sharing and caring.

Parents also contribute to the problem. In order to help the children focus on studies, parents alienate children from real-life events and issues. A weekly quiz is considered more important than a family get-together. The result of the weekly quiz is recorded and put on transcripts and is made a part of the permanent record of the child's profile in some school systems. Whereas no one keeps track of how many opportunities a child was given to share and care or how well the child performed in them. Anything that is not measured will be easily ignored. If a child is falling behind in mathematics or science, parents arrange for tuition. If a child is struggling to share and care or having trouble interacting with others, no one cares, including the parents. The current generation of young people is a product of such conditions.

Can such self-centered nature, that is cultivated in them all through their formative years, be undone? Obviously, it is difficult. But to let it determine the course of the rest of life is dangerous. To let it perpetuate all through life is to miss the joy of sharing and caring.

It is for one's own good, that one has to come out of that self-centered nature, to the extent, it has taken over one. One needs support and guidance to come out of such a self-centered attitude. Part of Grihastha's mission is to provide such support and guidance. Every situation that married life presents is an opportunity to either get away from self-centeredness or to slip back into it. Grihastha's mission is to guide people to use every situation as an opportunity to practice a share and care attitude. Grihastha's Workshops by Marriage Gurus and Guidance by Family Coaches focus a lot on sharing and caring, the foundation on which marriages thrive.