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Childhood-like fun after marriage?
Most people are nostalgic about their childhood. They long to have the same kind of fun in their adult lives. And when they don't, they blame the marriage, partner, in-laws and so on.

But there is something else at play. Even if you are not married and remain single, you will never get the fun of childhood back. During childhood, you are innocent. You had no responsibilities. There were no financial, spiritual, career, relationship, existential complications. No worries about failing and not succeeding. With adult lives come all these complications.

By blaming yourself or your spouse or your in-laws, for not having childhood-like fun, you won't achieve anything. If you like to have child-like fun, you should become a child again. As a child, you lived in the moment. You are not worried about the future nor kept dwelling on the past. You judged nobody and nobody judged you. You were instantly happy when you got that candy or toy or hug. When you were sad, you cried it off, but never brooded over it. You left your future and wellbeing to your parents. In the same way, can you leave your fate and wellbeing to your husband or destiny? If you can do all of that again, yes, you can have the same exact childlike fun.

Added to that, no more do you have doting parents, who loved you and provided for you unconditionally. In adult life, you have to give some to get some, even with your spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Everyone has expectations. And you have expectations of others, which the others may not meet.

Childhood life is about receiving. Adulthood life is about exchanging. You have to know the art of exchanging. You should know how to give what others want. And take what others CAN give. You should know what you give is not paid back in equal terms or kind. That is the art exchanging. That is how adult life in general and married life, in particular, will be.