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The skill you need before marriage and the skill you need after marriage
There are two skills that are critical for a happy and successful marriage.

The skill to ask and the skill to tell (express).

You need the skill to ask before marriage. You need the skill to tell after marriage.

Many marriages get into trouble because people don't have the skill to ask the right questions before marriage. People feel embarrassed to ask the right questions and avoid asking them. They make a number of assumptions about the other person and his or her background.

In the olden times, someone elderly and trustworthy used to ask all the important questions, even if they are inconvenient before the proposal for alliance goes too far. Most people nowadays want to make marriage decisions on their own. This means they have to also develop this valuable skill of asking the right questions.

Many marriages get into trouble because people don't have the skill to tell, i.e., express themselves to their spouses. Some do not even have the skill to let the other person know how much they love and value the other person.

Some people simply assume that the other person would understand, or should understand. They expect the spouse to be a psychologist who can understand even the unexpressed needs and feelings. This will not lead to good outcomes in the long run. Both husband and wife should be proactive and express their needs, opinions, and interests, all the time, repeatedly, though not in an annoying manner.

Grihastha's Marriage Gurus through the workshops, and Family Coaches through personal guidance, will help you acquire the skills of 'ask' and 'tell', a key for happy married life.