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Raising children and giving them the best

The tender and formative years of your children are in your hands. If you mean to do the best for your children, you should learn as much as possible about raising children. Whatever mistakes you make in raising them, knowingly or unknowingly, could impact them for life.

A common misconception among parents is that a bit of common sense and lots of love is all that is needed to raise children. This is an unfortunate misconception and could be a costly one too. And the victims of this attitude are none other than their own children.

Mothers are good at understanding the child's palate and giving meals or snacks accordingly. But most of them, even the educated, lack a good understanding of nutrition. Consequently, some parents let the children indulge in junk foods and some feed them excessively, and some others feed them 'fancy and rich foods' to flaunt their wealth. The children can become obese or develop health complications in their adult lives, as a result.

The point is that love is not enough even in taking care of the nutritional needs of children, let alone their emotional needs. Parents have to educate themselves about children's emotional needs and unique personalities if they want to raise their children well. People read books, watch videos, take classes even on how to grow plants and care for pets, but not on how to raise children. That is unfortunate.

Children are humans and humans are complex. Each child has a unique personality, a unique combination of strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, apprehensions, learning style, interaction style, potential, and so on, which could be very different from that of either one of the parents. Parents need to educate themselves on how to recognize and support that uniqueness.

The growth of human offspring occurs slowly, over a span of twenty plus years. Their needs, moods, abilities, and priorities evolve throughout this period. At every age, they are receptive to learning certain things. If you don't know what those things are, and if you fail to give them those things at that particular age, you will be missing an opportunity that never comes back.

Putting children in expensive schools or sending them to expensive or fancy programs will not be of any use unless those schools and programs can cater to the unique needs of the particular child. You need to have a good sense of whether a program or school is right for your child. If not, you are basically gambling with the child's future. You could easily frustrate the children, instead of nurturing them.

Parents do their best to give the best education possible to their children but do not consider themselves getting an education about raising the children. This is not right. Every parent who wants to raise children well should get a thorough education about raising children.

Grihastha's mission is to provide parents thorough education and deep insights into raising children, through the Interactive Workshops and Personal Coaching, which we encourage every parent to take advantage of.