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Pre-Marriage Workshop

Marriage is the most significant decision in life made with the least experience.
Some make this decision with hope and some with fear.
Some with over-confidence and some with confusion.
Some with enthusiasm and some with reluctance.

Marriage is the most challenging experience.
But done right, marriage is the most rewarding experience.
This workshop gives a realistic picture about marriage.
It gives you the techniques in choosing the best life partner.
It helps you make an informed and educated decision.

  • Understand your own personality type and
    what keeps you happy in the long run.
  • Understand what to look for in a potential life partner
    and what personality types matches yours the most.
  • Learn about the secret source of love and joy in marriage.

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Family & Friends Camp

This is a retreat-style camp for close-knit families and friends.
Contacts us and a Grihastha specialist will provide you
the details of the camp and plan it along with you.

  • Learn unique, simple and easy to implement
    ideas and techniques of raising children!
  • Get trained on recognizing the
    uniqueness of your child’s personality!
  • Learn how to customize your parenting style
    to your child’s personality!
  • “It takes a village to raise a child” -
    learn how to bring the same experience
    to your child in this modern day and age!
  • Learn how to help your child with soft skills
    like communication, leadership, etc.!
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